Getting started Edit

Most tips and hints for new players you can find in the official game guides.

Part 1 (For beginners)

Part 2 (For advanced players)

General tips and hints: Edit

  • Explore the planet and find good place for your base. Try to avoid building nearby higher level enemy bases. More flat terrain equals more defensive capabilities.
  • As an option you can build your base in the shelter or any townhall. Building at a townhall will cost you a percentage of your recources but you will be given protection in exchange.
  • Level up your garage, new levels unlock new abilities and slots for building stuff.
  • Do NOT attack Ankys untill you are reached at least 40 level.
  • Upgrade menu is opened by 'U' key by default and consists of 'Buildings' tab and 'Drones' tab. Buildings mostly upgredable with credits (Except for Exidium storage and Exidium Harvester). Drones mostly upgradeable with Exidium.
  • There is online page to check your base and upgrade it from everywhere you want.